Random Thoughts for the Day

  • Why do all of the teenagers in church dress inappropriately?
  • How have I had time to watch as much television as I do and still get great grades in my new college program? In the same vein, how have I had time to read 46 books already this year, 36 of which are on my Goodreads?
  • What is it about Sundays that brings out the “homeless” people who need money? Also, why did these two people think that standing outside of a church trying to get money was a good idea?
  • Why am I always the soberest person in my party no matter how much I have to drink?
  • How is it that I am  twenty-five year old virgin?
  • Why do people feel the need to get mad at their cashiers while we are still learning a new system?
  • Why am I always losing friends? Am I doing something wrong or do they just suck?
  • Why am I obsessed with Girl Meets World already and it is not even that good?

That is how my brain works. One random thought leads to another. Another thing you should know about me is that I almost always have a song or two or three running in a loop in my head. So if you see me and it looks like I am talking to myself, I’m not. I’m singing along with the song in my head. Another thing you should know about me is that family and friends are very important to me. A query for my reader’s: why do you think so many twenty-something’s, myself included, still read YA?


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