Sunday Morning Rituals

I have a daily ritual of going on IMDB to see what celebrity are celebrating their birthday that day. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea and I don’t even remember how it started. All I know is that my day doesn’t feel like it has started until I know what celebrities are celebrating their birthdays. Sunday morning I always start my day by reading that week’s Postsecret posts. I have found that I don’t feel like my day has started until I do that. On the Sundays when I have to miss it for whatever reason my day does not feel complete. I think this comes from to much television watching and being someone who has to watch the show lie or at least n the same day that it aired. That is less of a problem in the summer because I don’t watch that much. During the year, however,it is a major problem because I watch at least fifteen shows if not more and that is just primetime television. Don’t even get me started on soaps or I will never stop talking.

More to come later. Now I am off to church for the first time in at least three month if not more.


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