It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. Last Friday four minutes before Saturday began, my 91 year old Grandma passed away. She was my last living grandparent and I loved her dearly. She had been failing mentally for many years but it really got bad back in September. She stopped remembering who even my father was and it got harder and harder to see her that way. I was reminded at her wake on Tuesday of the grandmother that I grew up with. She was an amazing person who loved her family with her whole heart. Some of my best childhood memories include my Grandma. She was the person who let my older sister and I eat cereals my mother never would and not only that but she let us eat them in front of the television. She crafted with us and made us American Girl doll clothes, Barbie clothes and one Halloween she even made our costumes. She was never one to tell us to go away and she always had time for us. I have had a hard time these last few years reconciling the woman she had become with the woman I remembered. I feel a little guilty that I did not see her more when I had the time but she will always be in my heart. Grandma- I love you and will miss you forever! Say hi to Grandpa and Papa Teddy. Tell Aunt Elizabeth that she is missed. Watch over us and keep us safe.


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